1.Online lessons

  - Online lessons ( 2 hours lenght) - 1 lesson 20 EURO

  - Online lessons ( 1hour lenght) - 1 lesson 12 EURO

  During the lesson we can play and comment the game or making comment of some of your games. After every   lesson you will receive some go problems including all aspect of the game ( fuseki, joseki and middle game and   also some small comments of one of your games)

  2 Go course by email
  A course will consist in 10 lessons and every lesson you will receive lessons by email. I will send to you go   problems by email and you must return me the answers, then I will send you back the correct moves with   comments. Also after every lesson you will receive a comment of one of your game.   

  The price for 10 lessons is 150 EURO.

  3. Offline commented games
  A set of 10 games full comment - 75 EURO.

  4. Study group
  A lesson will be about 2 hours long. During the lesson we can comment some of the games or playing a teaching   game with one of the group member but also the others students can make comments during the lesson.
  The numbers of students from a group will be between 2 - 4.
  Price for a group of 2 students : 12.5 EURO/ lesson each student.
  Price for 3 students group : 10 EURO/ lesson each student
  Price for 4 members: 8 EURO/lesson each student.
  After every lesson each student of the group will receive go problems including all aspect of the game.

  Also almost Friday I will give a free lesson on KGS where all of my students are welcome to participate.


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