It's me   I am Lucian Deaconu a 5dan from Romania but most of my friends and go players from   Romania call me Jim. I was born in 1969 in Braila a city near Danube river in the south-est   part of Romania. I learned the game of go when I was 17 from some friends of mine from   highschool. But after 6 months of playing me and one of my friends had no opponents in   my city and we quit go for a while hopping to become students inBucharest where the   strong go players are playing and to continue to improve at go. It was difficult to study   go at that time with no books and no others strong players around. In 1988 I became   student in Bucharest and in 1989 I begin to study go again this time more serious. Then in   short time the results start to appear: in 1992 I took the second place in the Romanian   Championship the most important tournament in Romania. After 1992 I am one of the top   Romanian players. In 1995 I finish university and I return to my city. From 1996-2001 my go activity was   reducing only to teach childrens at the local go club. Most of the stronger juniors players in Romania are from my   city. My participation to tournaments was reducing a lot. I was busy with working, family, childrens . But in 2002   I decide to have a come back as an active player and still hope to improve. I have more time now for my hobby ,   in 2002 I start my own business and I can manage alone my time. I have a lot of experience in teaching. Yasuda   Sensei a 9d pro from Japan teach me how to teach children during my visit to Japan in 1996. Also he visit my city   2 times. I play a lot of tournaments during my life but I won only 2 of them and take a lot of second and third   place.

  My important results are:
  - 1 place in the European Go Congress Lighting Tournament in Tuchola - Poland in 1995
  - 2 times second place and 3 times third place in the Romanian Championship - second place in the Fujitsu Grand   Prix from Budapest in 1995
  - 5 place in the European Pandanet-Toyota Tour Brno - 2003

  I use to play on KGS, IGS and Dashn go servers. My nick names on this servers are :
  Jim and Client on KGS
  ATSUI and JIM on IGS
  jimmy on Dashn



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